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FSpaceRPG is a science fiction roleplaying game in the classic mould.

In the late 22nd century mankind expands into the the stars only to find them in more turmoil than it's own internal nationalism. Pitted against the onslaught of the expansion of the Stotatl Empire, humanity must defend itself while forging alliances with others who face absorption.

Whether you're a Terran soldier or an Aronhi Warrior from the partially conquered Aronhi Empire, one goal stands supreme above all, survival. The wits and courage to stand and fight against superior odds and create victories from difficult situations.

But not all the glory lies in the hands of warriors. Exploration of the vast wilderness that is space, charting dangers, finding resources and contacting potential allies is a cornerstone of survival.

The conflict, intrigue, action and adventure of these times provide an exciting roleplaying environment for players, whether they like playing space marines, traders, spies, investigators or just general adventure seekers. The span of events in reality are all possible, giving a wide scope of play.

This is unlike playing any other game – after an intense roleplaying game you might want to relax playing mindless casino games. There are many online casinos for New Zealand players and after a carefree session of roulette or blackjack you will be ready to jump back in for some more exploration and adventure in the 22nd century.

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Ceres is the largest object in the Asteroid Belt of the solar system, and in the 21st century became more regarded as a dwarf planet rather than just an asteroid.

Ceres is naturally round due to its size generating enough gravity, and is composition which includes a significant amount of water ice.

The water content of Ceres is significant. That combined with its low gravity compared to typical planets has been the key in fuelling manned habitation in the region. It has made it it the hub of Belt civilisation.

Accessible water ice in such large quantities has drive a number of critical industries. Water distilleries heat and purify water which is used for water supplies for human, animals and plants, helping support agricultural domes, orbital complexes and similar enterprises.

Electrolysis plants also convert water into oxygen, and hydrogen, supplying both tanked air, and propellant for conventional rocket motors, or propellant used in NERVA, plasma and other reaction engine types.

Heavy water extraction plants are being experimented with, in an attempt to extract deuterium, a heavier isotope of hydrogen, which proves useful in nuclear enrichment plants, and as a fuel suitable for fusion reactors and propulsive systems.

The presence of water has also lead to the founding of a local moonshine distillery and even a yeast based beer brewing company.

Quite literally, Ceres has become the watering hole for the Belt community.

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