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FSpaceRPG is a science fiction roleplaying game in the classic mould.

In the late 22nd century mankind expands into the the stars only to find them in more turmoil than it's own internal nationalism. Pitted against the onslaught of the expansion of the Stotatl Empire, humanity must defend itself while forging alliances with others who face absorption.

Whether you're a Terran soldier or an Aronhi Warrior from the partially conquered Aronhi Empire, one goal stands supreme above all, survival. The wits and courage to stand and fight against superior odds and create victories from difficult situations.

But not all the glory lies in the hands of warriors. Exploration of the vast wilderness that is space, charting dangers, finding resources and contacting potential allies is a cornerstone of survival.

The conflict, intrigue, action and adventure of these times provide an exciting roleplaying environment for players, whether they like playing space marines, traders, spies, investigators or just general adventure seekers. The span of events in reality are all possible, giving a wide scope of play.

This is unlike playing any other game – after an intense roleplaying game you might want to relax playing mindless casino games. There are many online casinos for New Zealand players and after a carefree session of roulette or blackjack you will be ready to jump back in for some more exploration and adventure in the 22nd century.

This website is intended to:

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  • keep you updated about events and forthcoming products
  • provide you with inside information about how an RPG is developed
  • provide game users with plenty of extra material to use
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If you own a Mac, but own a Windows Phone running 8 or 8.1 you will now be out of luck syncing them. Microsoft have withdrawn the Windows Phone App from the Mac App Store.

Here at FSpace Publications we were interested in developing some Apps for Windows Phone and purchased such a device. And thar is how we discovered Microsoft pulled the plug. I had used this app last year at Metservice, but since then Microsoft have been mean-spirited to us Mac users.

We hope they bring back the app when they release Windows Phone 10... If they don't then MS are really just sticking it to iOS devs they were trying to encourage porting apps to their platform. Wake up Microsoft... we non-Windows devs can't be bothered with your lax support.

As for FSpace porting apps to Windows Phone - we'll just have to wait and see.

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