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FSpaceRPG is the home of FSpace Publications, created back in 1991 to take a homebake roleplaying game and take a crack at going commercial.

The product went commercial in the late 1990s domestically and has slowly expanded.

We also publish material for generic gaming purposes, and have other games coming. We've delivered our games mainly as ebooks, but also have a number of mobile apps available to assist your gaming, whether with our games or others.

This site provides information about our products, but is mainly aimed at providing support information, news and views. If you'd like to participate in some way, get hold us via our contact form.

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After a launch delay of a year, we finally delivered the Far Encounters Vanity Rose Yacht supplement.

This product details a 500 ton luxury yacht starship for use in Cepheus (aka Traveller), FSpaceRPG and just about any other roleplaying game with similar starship design and technology principles.

Available today at DrivethruRPG. The product sells with 2 PDF versions. One for printing and the other for Tablet screen usage.

For those wanting the full deckplans at a tabletop scale, thety can either print the plans of each deck of the full deckplans page to the suze desired. However we recommend if you do desire these without page 'fluff' like borders and the like from the book, that you buy the seprate plans sheet released last year.

Look out for expansion articles appearing on our website in the next few weeks.

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