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This document covers rates for writers. See the documents on artists for specifics on artwork.


We typically pay authors on a royalty basis. Our base rate is normally 2%, and we’ll increase this for proven authors. If you create documents that need little editorial input, then we can offer a high royalty at our discretion.

At this time we do not pay royalty advances.


We will set deadlines based on the scale of the work involved, and how it fits with our production schedule.

We will negotiate a deadline with you to give some flexibility based on your commitments.

Deadlines and Penalties

Once your proposal is accepted and a contract is signed, we will define a set of deadlines for submissions at each stage of the process. Because of the costs involved in scheduling and marketing new product releases, we have to make up for the loss of money by putting the problem where it belongs.

If you are late in getting work to us, you will be penalised for late delivery. This will typically be about 0.2% per week. This means if you’re about 2 months late, it’s mostly worth nothing to you.

This will be in the form of reduced royalties.

If you fail to deliver, then you may be liable for costs incurred. Based on the circumstances, non delivery will certainly mean a permanent end to our relationship, and you will never be welcome to publish through our firm again. We are a business and do not deal with individuals who let us down. We have a long history of contributors doing exactly that to us, including those who have admitted they have deliberately lied to us about undertaking work for us.

We are responsible to deliver a return on investment for the principals, and pay for the services of our sub contractors and employees. Anyone who compromises our ability to do that will be dealt with according the terms in the contract, as well as any legal means available to us.

So be very careful before submitting anything. You have to be confident and committed to the project.

We reward prompt or early submissions for deadlines. The contract will have more specifics.

Unacceptable Work

We have certain standards, and once a contract is signed, we still reserve the right within that contract to terminate the agreement for a range of reasons relating to things we have discussed on this site.

Buy Out

In some cases we will want to purchase outright with a flat payment material submitted. In such instances we may be seeking the material for inclusion in several related works, or simply like the preview content, but have decided we don’t want the author to continue with the finished product.

The circumstances vary and is at our discretion. Do not ask us for a Buy Out.


Any work submitted for FSpaceRPG becomes our property, exclusively. We do not license this game to other parties and do not condone authors publishing commercially any material they create on their own.

To ensure we retain the integrity of work developed for FSpaceRPG, our contract notes that all material becomes our property with due recongition and remuneration for the creator of the supplement for our game.

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