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This weekend I’ve released an FSpace screensaver for OS X. I’d done a version of this about 6 months ago, but it wasn’t completely ready and didn’t work on Intel Macs. So it’s now a universal binary and quite happy. It uses some standard OpenGL effects. Sorry no PC version coming.

I’ll do something different for PCs later using the tools I have for them.

I’ve also done a few more articles on the website (with a few more coming tonight). Just going through notes, tidying them up and putting them up.

The latest banner advert round has finished taking us to 1133 clickthroughs for 120,000 impressions.

I’ve also sent banner ads off to OneBookshelf for loading onto RPGNet and ENworld as part of the deal they have. This has been extended to publishers as a free service. Some more market exposure will help.

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