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Many of us are familiar with the idea of adventure seeds.

In essence the Derelict Encounter is an example of a seed that has been expanded out into something more substantial, yet isn’t quite a full scenario in it’s own right.

I’ve been going through old archives of my material and found some nice little seeds I put together. One is now on the website at: http://www.fspacerpg.com/detail.php?ID=206

They don’t have to be long, terribly original or earth-shattering in their activities. They just need to add some ideas for GMs to liven up their adventures.

If we had about 20 seeds like this, that would be the minimum to publish a small booklet for sale.

If we got some real good seeds, this might lead to expanded seeds into something closer to the Derelict idea.

Anyway I thought I’d point it out for those that might consider writing something but were daunted by the prospect of writing a book. There are easier ideas to build on, and a publication of collected works is a distinct possibility.

Even without input, I believe as I put ideas together I’ll publish an Adventure Seeds booklet at some point in the future. The timing of it will depend very much on gathering enough material to get the critical page count needed to make a booklet hit the minimum charging level.

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