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In the 1990s we published a fanzine to support the activities of New Zealand players of the Traveller roleplaying game. Central to this was the members of the History of the Imperium Working Group (HIWG NZ) and work by a smaller group of members on the Meshan Sector for the TNE era.

Publication started in 1995 with the first issue and the subsequent 9 issues were published in 1999.

They have in the past been made available on various websites and on a number of different CDROMs.

Changes in product availability has meant these fanzines have been hard to locate.

We would like to announce that they are still available and can be found on the FSpace Roleplaying 2001 CDROM and FSpaceRPG v3 CDROM. These are the same product, just in different packaging. We currently sell the v3 CDROM via Trademe.

The 2001 CDROM can also be found as part of the FSpaceRPG Gamepack and the Reference Manual pack, both of which are available from Noble Knight Games.

You can also find The Meshan Saga on the v4 FSpaceRPG CD (an update on v3), which is currently bundled with the FSpaceRPG Concise Rulebook 4.2, also available on Trademe.

We are endeavouring to make available our CD products from a broader range of vendors.

Out product page has links to each edition of TMS and includes details and a basic preview of each issue. These pages will provide updated information regarding the availability TMS in the future.

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