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After a delay I finally got the first non fiction work published and available for sale today. It was meant to be out in August but a few too many things have gotten in my way in the last few weeks.

It is my Pacific Settlement discussion doc which looks as sea level change along with all the other typical points.

Anyway it’s a good little starter for students and gave me something other than gaming to publish. It is available on Lulu as a softcover and ebook from today. I’ve had some trouble with GoogleBooks over loading this as part of the promotion/preview, but hope this will be running in a week or so.

Tonight I’ll work on the mobipocket edition so I can get this into their network and eventually to the Amazon Kindle Store.

More non fiction titles will make an appearance during the course of this year and possibly next year. I have about 10 titles to work on. All are easy from a rights management perspective because they are all my own work - all my ex university papers.

My reason for publishing these is to experiment in the non fiction market space and see how successful these are in comparison to gaming products using those marketplaces not focussed on particular areas such as OneBookShelf.

I also want to broaden the offering of my publishing operations and position myself to cater to the works of others whether gaming, fiction or non fiction in a proper author-publisher arrangement.

So watch this space for news about how it’s going.

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