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Today I’ve completed the work I needed on v1.0 of the FSpaceRSS reader application for the iPhone.

I’ve submitted it today to the iTunes Connect AppStore process for review and hopefully release approval.

I’m not expecting a swift release of the application. I understand the process can take time. Especially since this is the first iPhone application I’ve written. I coded this about a year ago, and it’s taken this long for me to get several ducks in a row to get this going.

The RSS tool fits my mobile access strategy for users to get information on mobile devices for use in FSpaceRPG gaming. The app provides a slim interface to look at recent articles and select them to read.

At present the main website pages aren’t tailored for mobile devices, but I’m looking at using a mobile detect feature to redirect users to a new site interface I’ll build to keep things light for them. Also I have to consider a few points in the website use Flash and the iPhone at present doesn’t support such technology. I’ll have to consider some alternatives.

Anyway FSpaceRSS will be a free application to download and use for users of iPhone’s and iPod Touch devices. I targeted OS 3.0 in my build, so for users of older OS Firmware you’ll have to upgrade.

If the release of this app goes smoothly, I have several other applications in the wings ready to be finalised for release. Some of these are generic roleplaying tools, and some may appeal to a wider audience than pure roleplayers. More on that later.

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