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The Dominion Post reported today that Vodafone was in discussions to bring the Amazon Kindle ebook reader to NZ.

With our neighbour Australia already supporting the sale of the device including wireless 3G access, this is a step to leveling the playing field between the two countries again. NZ is typically lagging behind Australia in the adoption of such technology, and I think this is harmful to the NZ economy.

I am a little surprised Amazon didn’t offet the device for sale here without wireless access, since that is exactly what they are doing elsewhere in the world.

It would be interesting to know if the talks with Vodafone is the reason for the delay in availability here.

Some parallel importers do bring Kindles into NZ, and anyone seeking such a device should seek them out with a Google search.

Once these device become mainstream here, I believe we’ll begin to see the kinds of changes being implemented overseas in terms of newspaper formats, textbooks and other materials being considered by NZ organisations.

Digital content delivery is growing overseas, and studies by some US newspapers found it was cheaper to supply Kindles to their subscription user base than continue to maintain printing plants.

If New Zealand businesses and publishers don’t adapt to digital delivery methods they could loose out as locals source their content from overseas vendors.

FSpace Publications is committed to digital delivery of information, and exploring new technology options. Our products are available as both PDF and Mobipocket formats which can be used on the Kindle. Several of our products already feature on the Amazon Kindle store.

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