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The Dominion Post earlier this week reported that Australians are having to pay more for the Amazon Kindle.

Apparently they have to pay US $20 more for the device than their US counterparts.

Not only that, but buying books costs 40% more than US users. This higher costs hits all international users because of higher operating costs in delivering books outside the US. This is linked to the wireless delivery via 3G cellular networks in host countries exiting the AT&T network in the USA. This is where 3G networks fall short because of cellular ‘roaming’ fees being built into the delivery price.

This is very different to the likes of traditional web based services for use on other devices, which use the local carrier’s direct pipe to the internet, or you use WiFi based wireless hotspots.

For FSpace Publications I’d like to say that this will price many of our products available from the Amazon Kindle store to well above those found for equivalent products at the OneBookShelf network.

I don’t think Amazon has thought about this very carefully, and their launch based on this business model might be more a reaction to get global reach before Barnes & Noble launch their ebook reader service in the US. With Sony and a number of other vendors set to launch new ereader devices shortly coupled with online stores, and Google set to launch a store using their huge repository of books, Amazon aren’t well positioned for the international market.

I hope Vodafone in their negotiations for New Zealand have some way of making pricing more equitable.

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