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Status: Official

Today I also put together the Solarians for use with the iPhone ebook engine I have.

It has been loaded to the AppStore to go through their approval process.

This makes the 2nd app using that engine based on those works I’ve done in Mobipocket to date. 5 remain to be done. I intend to motor through these so I don’t have any outstanding and that iPhone ebook apps in future become part of standard book release process.

Also I want to get these done first, because the Lingo generators do take a bit of time to work out the coding involved, so their development time is somewhat longer.

Today has been a busy day - 1 World Map Generator for the site, 2 new PDF ebook products finished (1 released to market) and 1 iPhone ebook.

Shows you what can happen when I’m not doing anything else.

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