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Status: Official

My iPhone ebook engine is almost finished. It’s gone through some major changes today to almost reach completion, which should happen tomorrow.

I’ve solved a couple of key things, which is page rotation with the iPhone orientation, scaling content when the phone goes through the orientation change along with the hide/show sections I wanted to achieve.

The engine isn’t perfect. Content is a little slow to load due to the decoding process (the iPhone3GS and modern Touch should handle it faster than my iPhone3G). And some glitches are unique to the landscape mode, but are fine in portrait mode (I hope to fix this shortly).

I’m pretty much happy with it, and I feel confident enough that after tidying up the hide/show interface and tweaking the font styles to be be better to read in portrait mode, that I will upload Derelict v2 using this engine to the iTunes App Store approval process and see how it goes.

After that I intend porting across all the FSpace and non-fiction titles currently in mobipocket format across to this new engine and get them into the AppStore approval pipeline.

Apple’s pipeline seems to be 2-4 weeks from what I’m hearing, but we’ll see.

I’ve yet to receive approvals for any of the Apps I’ve submitted to date.

These iPhone ebooks, the RSS reader, Wolfkin Lingo along with Lionkin, Elf and LizardMan should all be completed and gone through Apple’s process for sale just before Xmas (fingers crossed). That will give me an initial 12 applications in the store.

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