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Status: Official

As promised as the follow on to the Wolfkin Lingo Generator, I’ve completed the LionKin and Lizard versions and uploaded them o the iTunes AppStore for approval.

This leaves my planned Elf one to complete. I have the app ready and the logic figured out. All I have to do is code all the array elements and then go through the testing, packaging and upload it to Apple.

I expect to have it done tomorrow.

Once that is done I will have completed all 12 iPhone/Touch applications that I planned.

Shipping volumes aren’t fantastic of RSS nor Wolfkin at the moment. I’ve sold a single Wolfkin (thought there would be more werewolves out there who’d like such a gimic), and the RSS app ships a few each day.

Compared to my launch of the d10 dice roller application for the Mac on OBS and MacUpdate this is sluggish. I think MacUpdate did 60 in the first day.

This may just be the nature of Apple’s AppStore and the way it’s structured. But that’s what I’m doing -testing the marketplace out.

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