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You might be wondering what I’m up to with FSpace at the moment.

I admit things have been fairly dead for a while. Priorities have been elsewhere (14 working days left in my job). Sales tick over at a comfortable level, but really not at the level they need to be.

I’ve secured OS X 10.5 Server on the cheap, and am entitled to a free upgrade to 10.6 at some point after September. This is really good news and solves some resourcing things for me.

I’m waiting to see if I can score a couple of other things.

As for activity, I’ve managed to get quality colour printouts of every book/booklet published for my master folder. I’m also planning to get a few more copies of 4.2 (the colour template one) printed before I leave work.

And I’ve made our first prototype card game product (plastic case and corner curve cuts to boot). I admit it’s only an FSpace branded poker card deck, but it was worth seeing how I could make a prototype. I’ve decided to release this as a gimic product when I get some written card game rules to add with them. I’ve got a few photos and instructions on how to get them made from imposed PDFs you can take to the copy shop.

While it doesn’t sound like anything worth it, it let’s me go through the motions for writing our own card game products in future. I see some value in doing this. Gary has mentioned this in years gone by, and Stephen mentioned using the card concept in combination with a minatures boardgame.

Other than that I’ve been gathering some samples for artwork and just keeping my head down.

Another good piece of news is that we finally sold something via Lulu. Just a PDF ebook of one minor book. Unfortunately none of the print on demand copies. But if I load that service up with more products, I’m sure we’ll see some more sales trickle in.

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