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As usual I’ve found something to release that wasn’t in my schedule.

This time I published the presentation I did from the Conspiracy 2 convention that Stephen, Gary, Philip and I attended.

I’ve released the presentation as a 44 page PDF, which contains hyperlinks to all the talked about products, as well as the little video clip of Aaron talking about portfolio/skill development.

I’m charging $2US for the presentation - which I think is fair enough so that OBS and we get our costs covered in the delivery of it. And it’s a lightweight price compared to some guides.

And frankly we never made it public except at the event.

I’ve yet to review the video footage Gary took of the event on my camera, but I’ll take a look and see if I can splice something together.

I’ll release various clips on our website, probably a longer piece on Utube, and then the rest as a for sale DVD product on Lulu and a downloadable movie file from the OBS network.

Timing on this will be after my other commitments. I just felt the presentation was worth getting out there.

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