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I’ve released a new FSpace product on the OBS network.

It’s called Blank tabletop counters. It does contain a little more than black counters. For starters it has 3 kinds of blanks for both 3/4 and 1 inch square counters. And it has 3 variants of the hex counters. Designed for people to printout and scribble over for their own purposes.

Also included is 2 full colour counters - Andorian in Battle Armour and a Calamander. For the hex counter a damaged transport starship is supplied.

Unlike other counter packs, the cover isn’t a photo, it’s a photoshop mockup of counter on a board in perspective.

Another 50c product I’m afraid. But it will keep us on the front page for a few days. It’s part of my tabletop bundle and covers over a hole in the lineup.

I intend including a ZIP file full of the 9 different blanks as 300dpi GIF files so people can digitally do their own. Just something extra.

I actually don’t expect sales of it in standalone form.

I’ve used it to plug a gap in the tabletop bundle set.

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