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Status: Official

The first paid iPhone ebook sale has been made for an FSpace gaming product.

And the winner is…………. drum roll……

Alt Skills.
Sold to someone in the Netherlands.

Congratulations to all that helped this product happen.
Robert, Gary, Aaron and Philip have all played their parts in the pages of history for this product.

While it’s only a single sale, and of a US$0.99 ebook app product, it is a start.

The Mobipocket/Amazon/+100 odd other retailer have failed to make a single sale.

So the iPhone Apps market with it’s captive 3 million strong global app purchaser base has proved to be a good choice.

Apart from this, and some wolfkin sales, I’ve also sold some elves. I’m hoping Lizard and Lionkin make some sales as well.

Of course both FSpaceRSS app and FSpaceDice ebook app are our free ones and continue to tick over some units daily.

Anyway my real wish is for some more FSpace sales, and to get some of the non-fiction titles sold (a number are waiting approval).

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