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I’ve released the version of the Personality Module Stephen gave me back in 2000 and appeared on the v2 and v3/2000 CDs.

Today I’ve labeled it v1.0, rather than v1.1 as it was originally released as. I used the same v1.1 iteration when I redid this work in 2007.

My reason for this release is to continue to formally publish anything Google or others may get their hands on and believe they have a right to distribute as some form of orphan work. It also makes sure I comply with current publishing rules for something made available (aka on CD) and get it to market.

I’ve added a proper credit page, and replaced the empty end page with our bog standard advert page.

I’ve also altered the other PDF pages to make v1.1 become v1.0. Section bookmarks have also been added to make the PDF friendly to use.

As the actual v1.0 appeared on the 1999 and March 2000 CDs, I may renumber that version to v1.0b1 or something to that effect and republish it with an ISBN. I have a copy of an even earlier version without a cover which didn’t appear on any CDs. It and some other pre-release works of Stephen’s may be kept for posterity. I may bundle them into a single book for future release.

Our CD products are going to be available for a long time into the future, so these efforts make sure the archives are updated with the ‘published’ versions for future sales.

Also our future CD/DVD products will have these republished historic versions on them as a record of our work.

The other thing is that we have something else on the OBS front page for the next few days.

Also anyone who buys this earlier version, can be offered a discounted upgrade to the current version in the future. Part of my strategy with why Derelict has launched in both forms as well. Kind of a cheaper try before getting the full version.

Personality v1.0 will be available on Lulu in printed form later so we have a ‘printed’ version available. I will not port this version to mobipocket, msreader, iphone or epub versions. It is a legacy product and will remain as PDF and printed only. The current version may be published in other formats at a later date.

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