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You may recall I mentioned a few months ago I was sponsoring a gaming event here in Wellington that was going to happen at the beginning of December (called Wootstock).

Well it fell over for this year due to funding issues and a lack of confirmed resources to complete their ambitious plans in a 3 month window.

My sponsorship was to provide design and brand management services in return for FSpace Publications being a named sponsor and access to the event should I want to do something. I got as far as helping them with initial planning, identifying resource options, building a basic brand identity manual, providing graphics for their website, some event site layout plans etc.

Fortunately they are thinking of postponing until the first half of next year, so I hope this won’t be a complete waste of effort on my part.

The event seems to have tanked because of the cost and organisation of the LAN gaming component. I’ve asked if they still have the venue available if they want to just do a big boardgame, roleplaying, warhammer event in it’s place instead.

I’ll let you know more details when they come to hand.

It is such a shame, since this means no outing for us to an event this year.

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