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Status: Official

After 2 weeks in the market and really low key awareness of the product Wolfkin has sold only 4 copies.

At least I’ve got sales of the first for sale app.

Promotion to date is whatever it gets in the AppStore, the FSpace site, my portfolio website and my Facebook page.

I’m trying to get my apps listed on other listing sites that allow iPhone listings.

I’ll have to get around some of the rpg forum site soon and spread the word. I’ll wait until Elf, Lizard and lionkin are out to do that, so I’ve got a large group to share.

But I thought I’d share how it’s going.

Free apps like the RSS one are going well - as expected.

Let’s see how the ebooks go.

If I can sell 1 for sale app per week, per product being sold, we’ll turn a profit on this endeavour. Of course I want to do better, so we’ll see.

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