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Aka X-Files.

F-Files is the FSpace framework for alien visitations and conspiracies on Earth.

The 1st version has been on the CDs (and actually on the website). I’ve expanded it to enhance the backstory of the game history with enough to give the flavour framework for FSpace and hint at the correlation of the real world mysteries and their answers in FSpace.

The publication of a product was done to bring together the original doc, a second one which had to have some copy altered to remove some real world references (so I don’t get sued for copyright/trademark infringement), and some additional notes.

But it’s designed to get the attention of people on OBS more than anything.

Most of the other developers have been aware of this framework since the early days.

Our website contains little pieces around the F-Files idea. And the last developer scenario which never finished (when I was still living at Orchy Cres) was actually an F-File scenario called the Hunt for the Great Ghost Bear.

With the F-Files intro out, I can begin the work of finalising the various F-Files scenarios I wrote over the years.

And from memory Gary’s Crossbows was going to be kind of like an alternative FSpace set it historic times with an F-Files backstory. Who knows, maybe he’ll write it up one day since it never got past the second session from memory.

And Gary ran an F-Files like scenario set in Western Australia as well. Big space bugs infesting an area near a small town from what I recall. I believe he had some other longer range plans for that. Our last sessions from memory was in Africa raiding a compound - can’t remember the reason.

Hope that explains it for you Tony.

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