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Status: Beta

I’ve been pottering around with some other ideas around iPhone ebook technology.

And while one idea failed, I did manage to make an application wrapper for a PDF file.

I have an application called Derelict 1 which is Stephen’s Derelict v1 we released recently.

The PDF is lightweight enough to be used on the iPhone. The double column design and type weight for the columns is not a good size for the screen, but it does work okay. I might release it and see what people think.

I’ll probably choose some books like Scrapbook or Equipment which use a single column format.

I’ve also been having a play with large PDF and SVG maps on the iPhone. The PDF map slows the phone down too much (13MB single page PDF), and the SVG, while it worked under the simulator, just hated being on an actual device.

I’ll keep playing because I want to find an optimal way to deliver good quality gaming maps to the iPhone.

Anyway that was the result of my research yesterday.

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