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To start with I’d like to thank you all for your contributions this year.

This year has seen all of us involved actively to some degree in providing new materials, participating in the process or working towards the completion of old projects. As a result we’ve expanded our product offerings, improved other products for future release, expanded the website and improved our market presence.

It has been a hard year with the credit crunch biting hard and some other setbacks which have hindered us reaching our potential for the year.

Through the OneBookshelf network we’ve shipped 749 Free products and 450 sold products for revenue of US $527.59. Not a bad result. Short of our ideal annual target, but in hard times not a bad result. Lulu continues with no sales results, but that isn’t a surprise. Trademe sales continue to be minimal.

I think we’re in a better position as a result of activity this year than we were before. We have a strong product suite available for such a small game publisher. We have plenty of unused materials and resources awaiting use. And this year I’ve secured agreements to access more material.

While this isn’t a money spinner yet, it’s certainly helping to help pay for itself. From our minimal cost model it is paying for it’s domain, business insurance cost, electricity and incidentals along with a decent chunk of the internet connection cost.

Our experiment with free products has built up a good email pool at OBS for product announcements. It has also let us look at the kinds of publishers and products those people are buying from. And our experiment with gameboard pieces as individual products has actually worked. With 4 products we’ve generated 27 sales for revenue of US$11.55. While minor it shows a good contributing idea to our revenue. More products that are generic in use for other games, while still supporting our own products are acceptable. I’ve begun the preliminary work on more.

This year has let me catch up with a range of people in the team, and probably has been our best year for getting together and discussing things in a while.

While these results are a calendar year summary it isn’t our financial year end and we’ve still got 3 months to run. We are certainly well above our results for last financial year, and I hope we can push this further to our advantage in future months.

Another important mechanism for distribution I’ve put in place is for our free Macintosh software - namely our d10 dice roller. It has now been updated for PPC and Intel Macs and OS 10.4 and above. While available at OBS and on our own site, I’ve listed it on MacUpdate.com and given them the archive to host and distribute (reducing the load on my server). It’s already clocked up 154 downloads via that service. Not a bad little result for a couple of days. And another channel to help promote us as a publisher (especially as we get together some more software).

Well that is a small statement about 2008.

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