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I was talking to a book buyer for one of the local bookstores (I won’t mention who) and I got some interesting info from him.

He said that the average margin on a physical book was 45%. The minimum margin they need to break even is 37.5%. At that level they are not making any money from the book and they are must breaking even. He said effectively marketing your book for free. In fact they make a small loss because your book is taking up room on the shelve take could be used for other books.

They will not accept anything under that minimum and they will only accept. it at the minimum if you are a local group / charity or they like you.

They also require that you give them the right to return unsold stock after 3 months.

Talking about the future he said they have a shop in Australia trailing print on demand books. Where you go into the shop order the book from a catalogue and they print it and bind it for you on the spot. He said for a 300 page book it takes about 10 minutes to print and bind.

They would like to bring the same equipment to New Zealand and offer the same service here but at the moment the printer costs over $5 million. The big limitation with them is that they do not do pictures at the moment they only do text and basic diagrams.

He thought that in about 5 years the technology should be cheap enough for them to bring one of the units over here. He said they will also allow you to print your own books on the printers if you have it in the right format.

For ebooks he said no one expects anything to happen until the next generation ipods are released which as well as playing music will act as ebook readers. He thinks when they are released their will be an explosion in ebook sales.

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