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The Main Beta files is now for sale on OBS.

The Pritchard Beta Files had dropped off the front page (but I did manage to sell one so far).

The Developer Beta Files is queued up for release next - probably near the end of the week given the pace of change at the moment. They are lasting about half a week only.

I am working on the Alternative Universes Beta files now - a collection of all the universe 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.12, Crossbows and a small selection of Uplift ones (ie not copyright material) found on our CDs. It is about 104 pages in length.

Following this I have the FED RPG Beta files for the FED and Universe 1 centric material.

This leaves just the few Tayana materials, which I’ll do a Beta of as well.

I do intend releasing a FED RPG v2 Beta ruleset prototype - my first typeup of the 2nd ed rules. It is actually an RTF file on the CD. I found the printed cover I was originally doing for it before the 1995 rulebook concept came to be.

Then no more Betas based on CD contents or draft publications. I can then make a bundle of products on OBS called the BETA files. I will embark on new material, having dealt with our past informal releases.

I still have a library of other material, and many of the betas have not been adapted to modern publications. I’ll be ideally placed to deal with them.

And in the course of a few weeks I would have released over 500 pages of material. It’s poor quality, but it’s delivering the CD material and adding support material.

I hope everyone approves.

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