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As some of you will be aware, I’ve been exploring over the last couple of months options for packaging FSpace products in various boxes.

This has come because of feedback from vendors such as MagnumMac and The Warehouse who indicated the CDs we shipped needed better boxed presentation. Also this fitted with giving us a flexible delivery presentation box which we could vary the contents and use stickers to highlight the variations.

I discussed this with a number of you, and everyone liked the idea, and even the book sizes that fit with a software box sized package.

However in my investigations it has proven to date, that no supplier in Wellington has done a software box like what we are looking for, so we must pay for the setup of the knife guide, so no easy avenue exists to get sample boxes for prototyping the products, or for shipping remaining stock in a better presentation format.

I have looked at both printed products and screen printed plastic options. No particular method is any cheaper than any other. The full coloured printed box looks best and the idea looks still a valid one.

I’ve even approached Terabyte Interactive which shipped a CD in a box back in the mid 90s, and they couldn’t recall who they used, although they did let me know it was a local firm in Auckland. I have located products in foreign markets such as China and America, but nothing stands out for short runs.

I found a plastic box that would fit A5 books which is a bit smaller than our ideal, and I found something that holds an A4 perfect bound book like the rulebook, but not any wire-o-bound or plastic spiral bound books of this size. Given our issues with the perfect bound rulebook, I’m not sure that option is worth pursuing, unless we rejig the rulebook into multiple books of saddle stitched construction.

To be honest the boxed idea is best for printed large volumes of books and CDs.

Like our other options for books, this fits the same options, and should be looked at if our finance fortunes change.

By the way if you know of a NZ firm shipping product in a software that you think is done locally, let me know.

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