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In my review of information on starship designs and specs to gather data for Stephen on the Washingtons I’d like to bring your attention again to the starship design spreadsheets.

I made those as an initial mechanism for people to design civilian starships in the small weight range, or marginal military vessels, such as armed escorts etc.

Those spreadsheets do not scale well for large ships.

If you plug in specs similar to a modern Washington you wind up with it saying you need over 17,000 engineering staff. A ridiculous figure.

The design spreadsheets while a good idea in their day are somewhat dated and not terribly visible to people. You need to constantly reference a text document for codes and explanations. The reasons for this is they were built to work on just about any spreadsheet so they wouldn’t be dependant on Excel based macros and VBA which can make pretty interfaces in Excel. I notice in the modern era varying differences in the way such functions are being implemented. Solutions involving Applescript, VBA and java being some of those different methods.

So I’m simply going to build a new version as a PHP system for the website (so anyone can use it), and an iPhone application.

I’ll work on finalising the capital class design sequence outside the basic form in the notes I built up over the years.

But for now the current spreadsheets will suit those designing ships based on civilian technology for the early 2170s up to about 2000 tons displacement.

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