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This year has been quite a thrilling year for the project.

We achieved more than we ever have before in these 12 months. We have built up a sales record, done extensive market research, and carried out a marketing campaign. We’ve built ecommerce facilities to sell goods from, and obviously delivered good quality goods to market, and penetrated in some small way the international market.

As the experience has shown us, such actions are actually not that difficult to do. the hard part is the funding, the motivation and the changing of mindsets.

The only barrier to greater success has been funding, and finding sufficient of it to achieve good economies of scale.

We have generated more opportunities than we could fill, which is both good and bad.

We have all considered other projects for viability after the guinea pig of FSpace had moved through each challenge.

We are, if we had the funding in the running to become a serious Gaming Publishing House almost overnight.

We have proved that the team and our associates who were involved have the skills to achieve this goal.

I wish to thank you for your help, and hope the New Year brings with it new challenges and solutions to existing challenges, both as a team, and for our own individual pursuits.

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