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Status: Official

After years of procrastination, I’ve finalised v2 of the Reference Manual. It’s not the all shining glory I wanted for v2, but it has updated images and extra text. It doesn’t fill in all white space and some errors exist on a particular page.

But I’ve run 24 copies (3 of which will be going to legal deposit office), and will be binding them next week. I’m actually unlikely to ever run it in hard copy after this batch. We simply don’t sell enough to warrant it.

Once I fix the offending page, ebook versions will be sent to Hyperbooks and the v4 CDR can begin to be assembled.

The Concise Rulebook will follow the same pattern, and will be done soon.

I’ve decided that there is no life in either book because their layout is terrible and the design standards need to be higher for the current market place. But the refreshed version will help towards keeping the product somewhat fresh.

It will also ensure we have various stock for conventions and the like for the next 2 years.

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