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To be honest the revised version isn’t the kind of book you want. It’s just a refresh of the 126 page wirebound version you’ve already got.

I rushed it through because today I was supposed to be visiting a game store in Palmerston North who’ve been stocking product, and also to just finish off the work I was doing. The old book design is a decade old now, and doesn’t cut it in the current market. Need to start from scratch.

But anyway not going north now, as it was supposed to be a trip with Gary, and I have not heard from him. Typical of him now. His job keeps him away and out of contact most of the time.

When I decide to finalise a copy of the bigger Concise Rulebook I’ll send you a copy of that. The refresh of that has the same problems as the Ref Manual.

But getting both done gets something off my plate and let’s me look forward to doing something new, and more reflective of the skills I have now, rather than designs and typographic skills that date back to the start of design career.

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