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Apple announced the new iPad tablet device which will be released in 60 days (see link below for more details).

The iPad will run iPhone applications straight out of the box. FSpace Publications is currently testing it’s 44 iPhone applications and ebook apps to ensure they all function as they do on the iPhone.

We think the iPad is a great tool for roleplayers and others, and will fully support this new platform with revisions to our existing apps, and the provision of new applications that support this new wonderful platform.

The ibookstore, to be launched alongside the iPad will provide great ebook content in ePub format. FSpace Publications has been porting it’s books to ePub format in the last few months, and will make our entire library of titles available in the ibookstore as soon as Apple allows us.

ePub books won’t allow us to provide rich, interactive content in books, so we’ll continue to provide some of titles as ebook applications as well, where roleplayers can get some new interactive features to make their lives easier. We’ll continue to support the iPhone and iPod Touch smallscreen devices with the ebook application model.

We love the idea of tablet devices for roleplaying and will look to new ways to deliver books and applications to support roleplayers.

Since we’ve been supporting astronomers and other specialists with some of our iPhone offerings, we’ll also look for new ways to provide better applications that take full advantage of the new form factor the iPad represents.

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