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We’ve completed all the work to port all the issues of Federation Times to iPhone Ebook Apps. This covers issues 1 to 9.

They’ve all been loaded to the iTunes AppStore release approval. Issues 6 and 8 are the only ones remaining to be approved at the moment, and they should be available in the next day or two.

These pocket references should help FSpaceRPG and FED RPG gamers out. They join a growing group of our ebooks on the iPhone which now include:

  • Derelict Encounter 1 and 2
  • Personality 1
  • Tech Update 1
  • McDougal Space 1
  • The F-Files Introduction
  • Net Rules 1
  • Aronhi Profile 1
  • Dice and Skill Usage Primer
  • Alternative Skills
  • FED RPG v1 rulebook
  • The Solarians
Eventually our entire list of gaming titles will be made available on the iPhone as ebook apps for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Future releases that target the iPad as well, will be available.

And of course, don’t forget we have a whole range of useful utility applications like name generators, alien language word generators, space travel and astronomy calculators and many more.

Our library of available applications and ebook apps grows weekly.

Check out the available collection today at the link below.

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