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In thinking about the success of the AppStore and it has a number of attributes that Apple should consider seriously for delivery as part of OS X 10.7

The Apple AppStore ecosystem takes care of many aspects of content marketing, sales, delivery, updates and effectively registration for applications.

As a developer I don’t really have to worry about the methods of software registration, payment acceptance and other things that plague OSX and other OS deployments.

Even updates are handled in a simple and easy to take care of manner. iTunes keeps a record of your purchases and version numbers and can get the updates if you desire them.

The simplicity Apple have adopted makes life easy.

I have over 55 applications in iTunes as of today.

For Mac OS X I’m struggling to deal with issues about registration, sales and other things. It is a nightmare, especially when I’d like to deliver the equivalent of my iPhoneOS apps to OS X users.

Surely Apple could look at a method to provide an additional component to OSX that can tie directly into the iTunes AppStore ecosphere for OSX software delivery.

It doesn’t have to replace the open nature of the OS X platform, just have supplementary provisions.

Even adding the iPhone/iPad simulator to a DashCode type environment for the Mac could leverage the entire iPhoneOS software library as a usable feature set to OS X machines. Developers can do this with their own apps, why not let consumers take that step.

OS X 10.7 could be the perfect platform to deliver such functions.

The iPad will have settled in, and Apple could leverage it’s large Mac user base to gain more software revenue from the AppStore by having a iPhoneOS application layer in OSX and a OS X application part to the AppStore.

Apple would stand to gain more revenue and make better economies of scale from it’s service.

And every small developer would flock to Apple rather than using ineffective Paypal, Kagi and other stupid methods of paying and registering Apps. They’d get my support. And the big software players would see an advantage in getting better aligned with Apple

I say take the bull by the horns.

Of course Apple seems likely to want to replace consumer machines with the iPad philosophy rather than keep the current Mac OS X philosophy.

So maybe they don’t want to add this function to OSX, opting to leave the iPad and future devices to take over the older OS systems, leaving them for professionals only. If they don’t and traditional computing remains the dominant form, then maybe Apple might like to adopt this idea.

For all I know they’ve already considered it. If not, the only trouble is, does anyone know who at Apple I send this idea to?

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