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Looking at the trends in telephone usage is an important part of looking to see if mobile device use will increase.

At present in the US phone companies must offer analog landline phone in addition to mobile services (unlike here where it is optional). At present in the US, AT&T is petitioning the FCC to drop the requirement for landlines by carriers because of the huge shift to mobile.

At present 80% of Americans use cellphones or internet calling either alongside landlines, or even exclusively without landlines.

Only 20% of them have landlines only.

A study in late 2008 showed it was actually 17.4% using landlines only, with 20.2% of homes using cellular phones exclusively.

It took cellular only to grow from 7.3% in 2005 to the 2008 figure o 20.2%

During the same period landline only users dropped from 34.4% to 17.4%.

Demographic data shows that handheld use is dominant in the below 30 category.

Comments by analysts is that home only use will see smartphone growth, as people look for personal productivity devices over a straight phone. Calls, internet access and other features are those saught by cellular home only users.

This may explain the proliferation of 3G internet bridge devices that offer your home network internet access, but through a 3G datacard.

So for FSpace, where does that put us?

People are adopting cellphones over hard wired connections. Small screens tend to dominate. But it is a growth market.

Saturation point does seem quite a way off, so the market will continue to grow.

Small screen formatted gaming resources will be popular in such a climate, as will game apps.

I think this supports my reasons for work on the iPhone platform.

And to be honest, an iPhone or similar pocket device, if loaded for bear, can be a great little RPG session device. Easy to carry etc. And you can fit all those resource books on them.

Anyway, this trend at least is a check on the market to see if what I’m doing is right.

In honesty expanding the scope of my mobile efforts to other major cellphone/mobile devices brands is worth doing, if the business model of their AppStores is right.

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