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MacNN made the following report about the sales of Kindle ebooks at Amazon.


Amazon touted itself again this weekend with word of a banner holiday shopping period for the Kindle. The online retailer says that the e-book reader was not only the most gifted item, topping the iPod touch, but that readers for the first time ever bought more e-books in the Kindle’s proprietary format than actual paper books. Amazon has stopped short of providing statistics.

The achievement is a milestone for both the Internet-dependent company but also e-books in general, as it hints at a significantly quicker transition to pure downloads for books than for music or movies, where CDs still form a majority of sales even if their share continues to shrink. It comes just as Barnes & Noble is believed to be enjoying exceptional Nook sales and almost exactly a month before a rumored Apple eventwhere the iPhone maker could release a 7-inch or larger tablet that could have specially optimized digital books and magazines.


UPDATE - since this release amazon have admitted for every 10 physical books sold they sell 6 Kindle ebooks. Obviously the claims reported in the media vary.

FSpace Publications have have a large number of titles present, but sale performance at Amazon has been very poor.

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