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More than anything, the iPad and the new breed of Tablet PCs and Android tablets are going to be perfect tools for roleplayers.

Their portable size, flat touchscreens and capacity to store thousands of books and applications all suitable for gaming use are going to make them a must have for people doing traditional roleplaying.

The iPhone heralded a change in thinking about how pocket devices worked for gaming in my opinion, and new tablets are just going to propel this further.

A 10 inch tablet is just so much more usuable at a gaming event than a notebook.

Sure I’ve got an old style pen based HP tablet (like a couple of other members of this group), but using a pen is clunky compared to using your fingers.

So I’m committed to make better use of my iPhone developer skills and really push the frontiers of RPG support on tablets starting with the iPad.

I’m intending to get a couple of ducks in a row and get many of my apps working across Macs, iPhone/iPod Touch and of course iPad.

I believe I’ll be able to use some of the same method across iPhoneOS and Mac OS X to get this done.

Support for Android and Windows for some of my apps will have to come later. I believe it should be possible, I just don’t know when I can wrap my head around sorting that out.

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