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FED RPG, the origin of FSpaceRPG is about to turn 19 years old.

Back in 1991 the rules engine for FED RPG and background plot line for the 1st universe came into being.

I’ve been hunting around my records to find the anniversary dates, since my 1991 diary info has now vanished.

The first short story that directly formed the background plot was written over late December 1990 to early January 1991 (although it draws on works several years older plus some other RPG material I wrote for use with other systems).

The first game session for FED RPG was run on 12th February 1991.

The rules themselves and the 1st scenario were written between late January and the start of the first game session. It’s birthday/anniversary now we’ve lost my diary can be celebrated on the 12th from now on.

FED RPG has evolved a long way from it’s origins. Both its mechanics and universe have morphed over the years and only evolved into the more modern FSpaceRPG in mid 1994.

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who has been involved with FED and FSpace over the years, both those still on the team, and those we’ve lost contact with.

You’ve all contributed to an interesting project from which we’ve all learnt things to take away into our daily lives. And the system continues to live against the odds, and still has a brighter future ahead of it.

I hope you all take a moment to celebrate your part in contributing to the success we have achieved.

And please book a place in your diaries for 2011, when it will be a special 60th anniversary (a 40+20 event). More on this later.

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