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Status: Official

The following products were completed and released this week. Refer to individual products to find out the related links.

Animals DB 0.1 was released on OBS.

Fed Times 3 & 4 Mobipocket edition was done and released on OBS.

Fed Times 3 & 4 was released on Mobipocket/Amazon.

An iPhone Halfling Name Generator was completed and released in the Apple iTunes AppStore.

FedTimes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 for iPhone has been done and uploaded for release. This completes all work on making Fed Times available for the iPhone.

The following FSpace books have been ported to iPhone ebook apps to match original print presentation

  • FED GDD Articles Original edition
  • Conspiracy 97 Skills
  • Library Data 1
  • Psionics 1999
  • Equip v1
  • Equip v1.1
  • Serpenti War Maps
  • Alt Universes Beta files
  • Reference Manual v2.1 (a major delivery and means a full rules version is now available on the iPhone)
We now have 56 completed iPhone apps/ebook apps loaded to Apple.

This work means a considerable level of FSpace material is now on the iPhone :-)

I will continue delivering all FSpace books in this manner that fit the criteria - one or two don’t suit this. All the tabletop boards and counter products don’t suit right now. Apple is expected to enable printing from the iPad, so I’ll look at porting that for that purpose in the future.

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