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This article was taken from Macrumors.com but highlights some of the thinking circulating right now.

I think the comment about social activity and the mention about boardgames shows where people’s thoughts are right now.

Stephen - you mentioned you’re working on boardgame concepts a few weeks back. The iPad and like devices seem ripe for exactly this kind of stuff. I have some boardgame concepts already, so at some point this year I’ll sit down and start assembling code to drive them.

Got to start somewhere


Joe Hewitt, a prominent developer who had  given up the App Store, is  excited about the prospects of the iPad.

iPad is an incredible opportunity for developers to re-imagine every single category of desktop and web software there is. Seriously, if you’re a developer and you’re not thinking about how your app could work better on the iPad and its descendants, you deserve to get left behind.

iPhone game developers have been particularly vocal about their enthusiasm for the iPad. Firemint, the developers behind the massively successful  Flight Control game have already committed to an iPad adaptation. Meanwhile, they also  believe that the iPad could offer more personal multi-player experiences:

There’s something very satisfying about sitting in a circle with family and friends and sharing an experience, whether it’s gathering around a camp fire, around the kitchen table or around an iPad. At the moment multiplayer games often physically separate people from each other. You might be in completely different places playing World of Warcraft over the Internet. You might be sitting on a sofa playing console games with friends, but facing a large screen instead of each other. iPad could be different, and once a family has gathered around it to play a board game, we think they are far more likely to try other kinds of games too.

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