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2009 for the calendar year for sales has ended on a high. Results are plugged into the site reporting module (stakeholder access only).

OBS had a late surge of sales in the sales following Xmas, enough to show that it was the best Xmas at OBS so far. Of course it comes after a disappointing November compared to 2008.

But a good rally for them. Bundle sales had a lot to do with this, along with steady counter product sales.

BETA products, the focus of a lot of our releases didn’t figure much, but still a few sales were made. Keeping us on the frontpage was more important. The participation in the Xmas promo and the Wargames Vault Rally all played their part, along with banner adverts.

Even January has started well, and it is best to see how we can keep the momentum.

But the real big news is the Apple sales. Sales of products via Apple contributed 1/3 of sales by $ for the 2009 Calendar year. In 2 months and 2 weeks of sales activity, this is a huge result. Imagine what this could be if it had a full year.

Late surges of sales on the Apple site are to be expected, typically due to gift cards and new devices for kids. Overall AppStore sales are known to have surged 1000% during this period for owners of iPod Touches making purchases (not iPhone users). This is the kids xmas pressy effect. While we have seen a surge in the days after Xmas, it is only a slight increase, and probably more to do with the growth in apps available. Never the less, we probably had some of that phenomena rub off on us.

I don’t have as yet a decent report to show which of the RPG book products as iPhone apps are selling well, so you can see the proportion between OBS and Apple clearly for a single product. I need to develop a new report for this. I’ll report back when that report is built, along with a summary of results.

Some pure software titles are outstripping sales results for mid level book products on OBS however.

It is quite possible that after a year, our best software titles will be bringing in as much money as the top book titles.

My choice to get into Apple iPhoneOS applications seems justified. It is set to be bigger than the RPG book business. Fortunately it is complementing that activity, by offering some of those same books, and applications to enhance gaming activity.

Apple and OBS sales have combined to make December 2009 the best month in the year, and possibly the best sales month in the last 3 years - seeming to beat out our record month of March 2008.

Of course this activity does not compare to Armageddon event revenue, or some of my bulk second hand RPG exports back in the early days. But current activity is considered to be more sustainable than pushing physical products and event attendance.

How much money is this going to be?

To be honest now that I’m effectively full time in this business activity, it’s not generating the kind of return to live off.

I think that by adding Apple activity into the mix I’ve bootstrapped things to where I can say the business appears to meet the minimum costs required to support FSpace as discussed previously. The business is still making a loss however.

However I need to keep pushing and take things to a higher level.

It is hard to stare into the Crystal ball and see how things will go. But hard work, persistence and trials and error will get me somewhere.

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