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My last real Beta file to do is the FED RPG Second edition BETA v2.0 ruleset.

It was distributed on the CDROM as an RTF file. I notice it has errors and isn’t well suited to use, or conversion via certain services to ebooks formats.

So I’m typesetting it in InDesign with a style similar to the original FED RPG v1 rulebook.

My reason for this, is that it keeps a clean format, and its information style is similar.

I’ll also deliver it in a few formats. An A4 with modern pictures. An A5 without pictures - optimised for mobile PDF usage. And an iPhone and Mobipocket edition.

It needs a bit of work, and while I’ve started, I won’t finish it off during 2009 (part of a day remaining).

But it is coming.

It is our basic ruleset of what evolved into the modern FSpaceRPG game. It’s free of universe material so people can use it to build a universe with, or build another branch of the game based on the same engine.

Either way it will come out and be added to our BETA sets.

Our CDs do contain some other material not in current books or BETA products, but they are all slated for actual work, so I’m not concerned at this point.

Those missing are my original scenarios - which mainly appear in Fed Times anyway, and the various Starship bits, including spreadsheets. The starship stuff will be reviewed and a Basic Starship Construction guide will be released using that info.

Anyway don’t expect any product releases from me today.

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