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iPhone work

I’ve done a small app called PulseWarp for calculating speed and journey times for the like of PulseWarp drives, or Stutterwarp as it’s more commonly known. A utility squarely aimed at other RPGs that use it. Nothing to do with FSpace at the moment. PulseWarp was the name I came up with, and I have an idea for FSpace that is a variant of GM hyperdrives that could use the concept. I’ll write it up for FED Times 10. And once i sort out my mechanics, I’ll modify the app to support that. Current app version is loaded to Apple for approval.

I’ve also finalised another non fiction piece - a discussion document on Brand Building. It’s one of my old post grad marketing papers. Still seems relevant today. And it’s generic compared with most of my other Post Grad work (early stuff being NDA stuff for State Insurance, and later stuff for FSpace Publications).

So this is one of the few that can be published unaltered. I’ve finalised the POD and PDF version today, and it will be available from Lulu later today. I’ll begin work on the iPhone version tonight, with upload tomorrow, and Mobipocket to follow.

Some prep work for FED Times 10 has begun, with that work programme to finish in a few weeks time.

I’ve added front cover images to all books with me as author or contributing Author on Amazon using my Author Profile. Hopefully that helps, although the pricing is through the roof.

I’ve added all currently available iPhoneOS Apps (not ebook apps) to CNET’s listings. Once approved, that just ensures they are present on a handful of other software download/purchase websites around the world. A lot of sites are proactive about getting iPhone listings. Anyway I thought I’d do this because CNET powers Versiontracker which is heavily used by Mac users who represent a good chunk of iPhone owners.

All part of the continuation of online marketing.

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