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In thinking about how we can cater better for users of d20 games and other systems with our products, I’ve been thinking how to do this.

The idea behind the alien profiles is something that does capture the imagination of people. They like new alien races for their games, particularly if those profiles contain lot’s of background info and a sampling of weapons, vehicles, starships and the like.

We already have 3 basic ones released - Aronhi, Kuetques and Solarians. And Stephen’s Turram Encounter contains that kind of info.

We effectively have all the info required, most of it sitting in the Concise rulebook with our character gen profiles, Coalition profiles etc.

With some value added coming to the iPhone ebooks in terms of stat generators, it’s time to think outside the box to a broader gaming market.

I don’t want to redo our books and specs for stuff for d20 or other systems.

Instead I want to provide some general usage guidelines, and probably the core thing, which is how the character stats are in common open game systems where we don’t need to pay a fee or held for ransom when rights change.

And with stats, I can always add a live generator into the iPhone versions….

I think it is worth the effort to put a touch of this into these particular products, and let buyers do the rest.

Our website can display information in a more explicit way, since it is more accessible, and not being sold to make money using someone’s trademarks etc.

We need to exhibit a level of caution, and I need to avoid being bitten like all those publishers who were using the d20 logo programme and got bitten when WOTC withdrew/changed the rights.

I welcome suggestions. This is an idea to explore, not a central focus to my plans at the moment.

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