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Status: Official

The iPhone version of Fed Times 9 has been loaded to iTunes.

I’ve also completed an iPhone version of Fed Times 1 and loaded that to iTunes for approval.

I’ve revised the iPhone Elf Lingo generator with a nice backdrop and loaded that to iTunes for approval.

I also built an app to determine your zodiac and chinese birth sign based on your birthdate. Was just something easy to do. Appeals to some others I hope. And could be useful for roleplayers to determine this attribute for their character whether playing in the past, present or future. Just another toy to the app fold.

Beyond the iPhone I’ve done the following:

Amazon Kindle version of Fed Times 9 has appeared.

Created a Fed Times bundle on OBS of all the Fed Times PDF issues present there.

I’ve created a Mobipocket version of Fed Times 1 and uploaded to Mobipocket - Amazon.

I finished the original Meshan Saga anthology and loaded a preview on the website. A few pages of the original issues merged into the doc have some issues. I need to remedy this before it is used, or given to the National Library. At least it will be ready should we be able to use it, or part of them for new Meshan Saga issues.

I’ve also signed up in Amazon’s AuthorCentral for my own profile, to take advantage of all the listings on Amazon of my books, both FSpace and non fiction, so I can provide writeups, covers and get some promotional control over the work there.

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