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Status: Official

The following print reproduction FSpace books were converted to iPhone ebook apps

  • Robots 1
  • Kuetques 1.1
  • FED RPG Addendum 1
  • Concise Rulebook 4.1 (That’s right the full monty rules - now I just need 4.2 converted in a working form)
  • Turram Encounter
  • Main BETA Files
  • Tech Update v1.1
  • Universe 3 Cartography
I’ve completed some new iPhone applications and released them

  • Dragon Name Gen Classic
  • Alien Race Name Generator
The kid’s picture story book Blue Bear Plays With Me has been released

  • iPhone version complete and loaded to iTunes
  • PDF and POD version on Lulu
We are now at 67 iPhone apps.

Please refer to individual product pages for links to vendor listings.

Animals Classic Hex Counter Pack 1 was released on the OneBookshelf network as well.

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