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I undertook work to do Animals Classic Hex Counter Pack 1 this week.

This focusses on 10 Terran animals. It covers 5 illustrations by Aaron from the original collection, 3 by myself and 2 by Lynne.

These are rendered in the aged look like our normal counters, but done as hex counters so they aren’t for any particular scale. It is designed as a generic product not linked to any particular system. In a week’s time I intend notifying our much larger customer base about it thanks to the Haiti promotion.

They have been released on OBS for sale.

I have a few other animal pictures, some Terran and some alien. I’ll do another pack later based on the residue.

Animals pack 1 will also be released as metallic styled hex counters, and I’ll do the 1 inch square classic and metallic look later. I’ll roll these out as current products complete their front page appearances.

For FSpace where one square =1m, some animals are larger and don’t fit our 3/4 inch counter scale. I’ll do foldout ones once I get colorised art for each animal sorted.

So with an Animals DB for Mac, the same coming for Windows and then iPhone/iPad, a full range of counters and some foldup minatures I’ll have a full supporting product range for the Animal Guide book when I’m ready to do it. This way the artwork will be prepared in stages ready for that book to have full colour art. So one major book commitment for the year will have about 13 different companion products to choose from (3 dbs, 4 hex counter products, 4 one inch counter products, 1 quarter inch product (small animals in full colour, classic and metallic) and 1 foldup colour product for 3/4 inch scale). The completion of this material is the starting point from which I need material if I’m going to do my Galactic Zookeeper boardgame. I need a large diversity of animals across known space to do this. So this may have to wait for several years while art is generated for all the alien animals needed.

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