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As I discussed previously I’m keen to support the Apple iPad. We’re already porting as many books as feasible to our various Ebook Applications engines for sale in the book category of the iTunes AppStore.

With the release of the iPad and the ibookstore, another avenue presents itself using the ePub format.

ePub formatted books are not designed for roleplaying game type material which is rich in graphics, maps, tables and the like. It is actually quite constrained to be honest. But with a little work some of our titles, or extracts of them are suitable foe use in ePub format.

We have already experimented with ePub as a format, having created some inhouse, and used Smashwords to generate ePub along with other ebook formats we don’t directly create for some test titles.

We will have plenty of titles available for the ibookstore when it comes online, subject to Apple allowing us on.

I’ve managed to contact Apple’s ibookstore people and provided them with details they want. It’s not a straight signup, so I have to wait until they want to include us…

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