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The January results are now loaded.

A really good month - the best month on record.

For OBS not our best Jan on record, but it showed steady sales and slightly better than 2008. Participation in the Haiti bundle did see massive volume numbers on 2 products - our highest ever on anything on OBS. So it builds a lot of marketing opportunity for us. The Haiti bundle and actual sales on OBS meant over 14,000 units were shipped to customers. Haiti proved to be a huge customer gain for us. Now I need to turn that into sales of other products.

Apple iTunes has given us an extremely strong January result showing growth over December by almost 50%. On OBS we tend to see a slide in Jan and Feb from the Nov/Dec results. Great to see on iTunes we are not seeing this, although it may have a lot to do with the constant release of new products there.

The combination of OBS and iTunes has made this a record month.

Sales in iTunes are now definitely the dominant revenue channel. I really need to do a product category analysis to show how well RPG products are going, so we can compare OBS to iTunes for such things.

For RPG products we had little in the way of new releases - Animals DB being the only significant new thing released since the festive season.

I was hoping to get Fed Times 10 out, but it’s taking longer than expected. Front page presence has been kept up with the release of old Fed Times issues done as Mobipocket - derived from the iPhone versions I’ve been putting together.

Feb should prove to be a more interesting month, with my huge surge in RPG titles on iTunes, coupled with some new apps, as well as new RPG releases coming to OBS.

Now that as a combined set it looks about US$180, I want to aim for US$200 per month as my next milestone.

After that I want to reach a target of US$400 per month, or the equivalent of US$100 per week.

Once I get to this target I’ll plan and comment further. FSpace has now hit a level where it has exceeded my minimum revenue target to sustain the game, and it needs to aim to take care of all business operating costs. Achieving that is now my primary goal.

Once we achieve this, I need to aim to a financial level where funds are available to invest in development, such as new art commissions and the like.

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