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Apple has announced it’s new iPad tablet device. It ships in 60 days.

My feelings are a little mixed about the device, but that is not what I’m going to discuss here. I had some of the same reservations about the iPhone.

The iPad is a larger screen tablet device that fits into the Apple Ecosphere. It uses a variant of iPhoneOS and runs all iPhone applications.

This means all of my existing apps run on it. With a developer beta kit released today I can tweak all these to take better advantage of the iPad. iPad development fits under the iPhone one.

It also means I can design apps with more expansive onscreen real-estate.

I believe this device will eat somewhat into the iPod Touch market, but is likely to take some of the more traditional low end MacBook market as well. And it’s low price point could attract people from the PC notebook and netbook market.

Either way it will mean the market size will grow. Good for us.

The major piece of news is that a new iBooks service has been added for the reading and sale of ebooks into the iPad ecosphere. Books are based on the ePub standard, and several major publishers are onboard already. With 60 days until launch, plenty of work can be done to boost the offerings.

I want in on this service, and have already sent an email to the media contact point at Apple requesting contact information for the person to speak to.

As for book design - ePub format work so far has been derived from my iPhone Ebook app markup which is altered for Mobipocket, so my workflow will remain largely unchanged.

I think the future looks a little brighter, but will require significant effort in continuing to port our books from InDesign layouts to XHTML marked up sources suitable for delivering in our iPhone/Mobipocket/ePub workflow.

Check out the Apple website if you want to see the iPad.

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