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The iPhone has no standard method to allow users to save documents to the device and have them shared amongst appropriate reader software. Buying third party software and struggling with the different methods each have for syncing content on a per application level by the app specific method is clumsy and time consuming.

FSpace Publications like many other vendors developed their own ebook engine to make it a simple process for the consumer to get a publication onto the iPhone/iPod Touch directly from the AppStore.

The R-series ebook engine is one of these engines developed in-house. It provides a simple multitouch swipe for scrolling, tap and pinch-zoom features for navigation. The engine provides an almost complete reproduction of a print publication, whether it originates from a PDF, Word file or other source.

Because of the limits Apple places on application size, image quality within rich publications must be optimized to close to that of the phone. The bigger the publication, the more we must optimize internal graphics. Low page count publications tend to have better graphics.

At present the R-series is a fairly basic engine. You cannot perform searches, use internal linkages or external hyperlink information. Some of this is because of limits with Apple’s rendering of certain document formats. We hope to add features to this engine over time and improve the reading experience of the publications.

To deliver a quality reading experience, authors and publishers need to provide publications in a format conducive to small screen reading.

Testing using the new SDK simulator for the forthcoming iPad, has shown the R-series with a slight modification will allow near full size reading experiences, and traditional print publication layout becomes very usable. We intend adapting all R-series publications released to the iPad and updating them free of charge for all users.

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